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Shooting season for Ashley Kent Photography

As you can read by the title it says alot about shoots coming up, i have alot of holiday from work, basically the whole of December. This then gives me time to do what i love and enjoy, get my camera out and get some Portrait pictures.

I am mainly working with people currently to create new styles and better myself. With each individual character each picture has a different story and perspection, hopefully shining through the image.

I am always looking for new people and styles to shoot so if you have any suggestions then please do not be shy, i love listening to you all.

News Archive

02.12.11. Suicide Girl Shoot Style.

Jasmine and i worked together creating a different style that i have not yet done before, Click Here to view.

28.11.11. Ashleigh (Competition Winner)

With Ashleigh went to two locations in Newton abbot, the sun was out and was actually quite warm, Click Here to view.