A selection of activities and events I have programmed and/or researched

BIG STEM Communicators Network

I'm the Event Coordinator for BIG, the skills sharing network for individuals involved in the communication of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects.
2.5 days, 40 sessions, 200 delegates
Deliverables: catering, budgeting, programming, scheduling, delegate management, marketing materials, conference delivery
*The 2020 and 2021 Conferences were delivered online via Zoom; more than 24 hours of content delivered over 2 weeks to 150 delegates.

KFAS Robotics & AI Festival, Kuwait

6 days and 7,000 visitors
Deliverables: Researching, programming and contract negotiation
Designed to appeal to varied audience groups including schools, universities, decision-makers, educators and the general public, the KFAS Robotics and AI Festival educated audiences about the science of robotics and AI in a fun and engaging way. The event focused on promoting key values essential for advancement of science and technology and pursuit of careers in STEM in the future including curiosity, responsibility, creativity, sustainability for the planet and compassion for all.

Cheltenham Science Festival, UK

6 days, 150 events, 300 speakers, 45,000 tickets
Deliverables: programming, scheduling, speaker liaison, marketing materials, festival delivery

Great Exhibition of the North: Family Expo

2 days, 30 exhibitors, 7,000 visitors
Deliverables: programming, site plans, visitor experience, risk assessments, venue booking, event delivery